Breaking in the Blog

For a writer, it's important to write. Sounds ludicrous, I know. The problem is that the joys of penning (typing doesn't have the same ring to it...) a piece can be lost in the realm of looking for new projects/people to work with, the chores of email maintenance, and dealing with the daily goings-on.

So, I thought, to take a bit of a break and to keep up with the happenings that I follow, I'd bore the rest of you with yet ANOTHER blog on the interweb. Strap yourselves in for a load of personal opinions and general shenanigans as I enjoy the simple pleasures of writing a semi-conscious train of thought.

Let's kick things off with this 'reboot' phenomenon that has been quite a fad recently within the film world. Spider-man got it (and failed, apparently, so it's getting another one!), Jurassic Park got it, Star Wars got it, and Ghostbusters is getting it. To name but a few. A lot of people are saying film producers have run out of ideas (which they haven't), or that it's all about money (way more likely). But there is also another aspect being discussed, and that is our own nostalgia.

People love to relive memories long past. That's why Facebook's 'moments' have become a thing. That's why parents love to show baby photos. And that's why Jurassic World, Star Trek and Star Wars The Force Awakens either did really well or really badly with audiences, depending on who you spoke to.

Those nostalgic moments were either seen as homages to years/films/memories gone-by or as lazy film-making, cashing in on people's love of the past. But, at the same time, these films either did or will introduce new audiences to universes that had all but gone extinct (sorry). Sure, the classics are just that. But imagine trying to get a child brought up on iPad's and near-photorealistic games to watch Ghostbusters. They'll most likely hate it and think you were weird for being scared of pink goo after watching Ghostbusters 2 (it wasn't just me, right?)

Hopefully, now that the youth interest has been drummed back into the likes of the Jurassic Park and Star Wars franchises, they'll start moving away from nostalgia-tastic scripts and make some new and interesting films. When the next Jurassic World or Star Wars VIII comes out, THEN we'll see whether they're just being lazy.

Think of it this way, without the 'dirty reboot', we wouldn't be seeing a new season of X Files!