The Brexit that broke the UK's back?

I woke up this morning thinking that I would be proven right - That the UK wouldn't do something rash and that the Remain vote would come in at 53%, against the Leave vote of 47%.

Boy, was I wrong.

I felt like I'd been sucker-punched when I read the result. I had to check three different news sites before I actually believed that what I'd read was true.

But here's the thing - England and Wales voted Leave. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted Remain. So what does this mean? Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has already said that she's commissioned the draw-up of legislation for a second independence referendum. Northern Ireland has, at this point, ruled out the idea of a reunification with the Republic of Ireland, but after what Sinn Fein is saying, watch this space...

So, could this actually be the end of the United Kingdom?

No one knows - and that is the crux of the MASSIVE insecurity that has people so incredibly worried. No one knows. When are we leaving? No one knows - the Leave campaign says no reason to rush, but the EU (quite rightly!) is saying, "Fine, get out. Now." What happens to EU citizens in the UK? No one knows - To remain part of the single market, it's highly likely that freedom of movement will have to stay, voiding half the argument of the Leave campaign in the first place. What about UK nationals in the EU? No one knows. And what now? No one BLOODY knows - I think the Leave campaigners are just as shocked as the rest of us that they won!

WTF happened?

Where do you start? The Remain campaign was so backwards and poorly organised that many people didn't even know which side was supporting what. Labour is just as guilty of this as the Tories. Then there was the campaign itself - trying to use ridiculous fear tactics to scare voters to Remain. Cameron actually said Brexit could increase the possibility of armed conflict in Europe. He was hinting at World War III. Idiot! Brexit isn't the break-up of the entire EU, you twat, it's the (un)United Kingdom throwing its toys saying life's not fair.

They never properly appealed to the youth vote. They talked of wars, economic recession, and uncertainty of markets. Young people don't care (or know) about that - they just want to go to Ibiza and party (I'm obviously generalising).

Not that the Leave campaign didn't do the same. It actually made shit up. People believed this crap and grasped onto these fallacies, spouting them whenever the 'debate' came up. And Farage! That stupendously horrid poster?! But that seems to have spoke to 'old Britain'. 

The BBC reported that older people, who had NEVER VOTED BEFORE, turned out to vote Leave! One guy that they interviewed, who also voted Leave, said he was uncertain about the future and was anxious about what this would mean. He didn't expect to win, so just cast a vote that he now isn't so sure about. 

What the hell goes through people's heads when they vote?? "Eh, don't really think it's a good idea, but sure - let's give it a punt." Goddamnit people! You're playing with the county's future!

This is the point that winds me up the most about the 'older' vote. These people, who are so stuck in their ways and their nostalgia for the Empire that they never knew, have taken a massive dump on the generations that follow. The Sterling saw the greatest drop in more than 30 years. That doesn't affect the old codgers with the homes they bought before the massive property price rise of the last two decades. It doesn't affect those who have no interest in wanting to live and work in Europe. It doesn't really affect them at all, apart from their misconceived idea that Europe is invading the UK (England and Wales...), stealing all the jobs and also somehow all the benefits (????), ruining the NHS by taking all the appointments, and whatever else bogeyman bullshit they read in the Daily Express/The Sun/some other loo-roll tabloid.

The Divide

On top of the fact the Scotland and Northern Ireland's future in the UK hangs in the balance, there's the divide between London, the other cities (most of which voted Remain), and the rest of the country. 

This is going to cause massive waves and widen the divide that London and 'England' feel. There's already a petition for Sadiq Khan to declare London independent, but only time will tell how this plays out.

The casualties

One thing I'm forced to say is that democracy wasn't the casualty of this referendum. Unfortunately. The fact that no one really knows what is going to happen, or know ANY facts about Brexit (I hate that term), kinda points to the idea that maybe the people SHOULDN'T have been the ones to make this decision. Or if they were, maybe we should have been given more facts so we could make an informed decision (yeah, right...)

The casualties, as they stand, are the Prime Minister - who said 'I won't resign' - who's resigned. The Sterling, and it's massive drop. And certainty. 

But so much more is in the sights of Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn is already having his leadership questioned, somewhat rightly I guess, but whether it'll carry - we'll see. The Conservative Party could, at least, suffer losses from its front benches or at worst (fingers crossed) could see a split, while Labour is already turning on itself again.

I'm going to wrap this up because I'm rambling and irate. I kinda want the UK to break up and for England (and Wales, you tossers...) to end up all alone - Little England drowning in the Channel. Problem is that it's just those dying baby boomers who did this. The youth are the ones that are going to suffer.

Cheers, you self-centred cretins.