While working full-time at Metro Bank, I helped reshape the brand, introduce a new tone of voice and rewrote much of the copy across the website, letters, emails, Google Ads and text messages. I wrote scripts for several of the videos used across Metro Bank’s media and helped create a number of creative campaigns, including the ‘Be your own hero’ fraud campaign and the ‘Start your resolution early’ savings campaign.

I also helped create a workshop that introduced the tone of voice to new and/or existing colleagues, helping them learn why we wanted to write in a particular way with practical examples to help cement the concepts we were teaching.

I worked across several aspects of Metro Bank’s successful RBS Alternative Remedies Package, including aspects of the Capability and Innovation Fund bid, where Metro Bank was granted £120 million. This included the rewriting and remapping all of Metro Bank’s business banking pages, creating new copy that captured the bank’s tone of voice, shaping the pages for RBS Incentive Switching Scheme customers and the RBS Switch site. Example images can be found below, including links to the relevant pages.

Be Your Own Hero campaign

Metro Bank - Be your own hero - Email.png

Start your resolutions early Campaign

Business Banking

Insights Landing Page